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Svartån Duvet

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Svartån Duvet
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Hälsa brings the traditional structure and comfort of 100% English wool to your bed with the Svartån.The wool duvet that integrates with the natural cotton fabric gives you the sleep you are looking for.

English Wool Filling

English wool, which is tighter than other wools, gives a unique grip feeling with its heavy structure. Thanks to the dense weaving of the 100% cotton imported fabric, the wool inside never comes out. The natural structure of English wool provides a sleeping environment at the optimum temperature for your body. It protects your body temperature with its high thermal insulation feature.
With its organic-complex structure, wool fibers stand out with many benefits not found in their artificial counterparts. Its elastic structure allows you to take advantage of long-term use. In addition, wool products, one of the priorities of those who care about sustainable life, have been used as an indispensable raw material for sleep products for centuries. The wool fibers obtained from sheep by protecting animal rights adapt to all weather conditions. There is no artificial equivalent that can meet all the characteristics of completely natural wool.
It emerges as a renewable natural resource as the hair of the sheep grows throughout its life. In addition, since it is biodegradable, it does not harm the environment at the end of its useful life. Unlike artificial materials, wool does not harm the soil or natural water resources. Since it contains completely natural proteins, it naturally returns to the environment.

100% Natural Cotton Fabric

Densely woven cotton fabric wraps both you and your sleep with its naturalness. It gains extra strength thanks to its English wool inner filling and double layer fabric. With its special woven fabric, the Svartån quilt allows air to flow in your bed while you sleep. The Oeko-Tex certificate that the fabric has underlines that it does not contain any harmful chemicals.


92 Wire
100% Cotton Fabric
Cream Color Double Layer Fabric

100% English Wool

200 gr/m²