Hälsa Storsjön Spine Support, British Wool, Natural Cotton, Swedish Steel Mattress
Hälsa Storsjön Spine Support, British Wool, Natural Cotton, Swedish Steel Mattress


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British Wool, Mattress, Pocket Spring, Swedish Steel

Hälsa Storsjön is designed to ensure that your sleep quality is at a high level in all seasons with its particular woven fabric. It has natural wool on one side and natural cotton filling on the other. Thanks to its double-sidedness, it can offer summer and winter use together. Thus, this cotton and wool bed brings you together with a healthy sleep experience. Provides an ecological sleeping environment that surrounds you all year round and makes it easier to go to sleep. The mattress fabric reflects the Scandinavian style and appeals to your eye’s taste with its minimal elegance.

Natural Cotton Mattress

The Storsjön, which emerges in the long, soft, and durable cotton fibers, prevents sweating thanks to this high-absorbing, naturally breathable, and hygienic material. It removes moisture and helps make your nights more spacious and comfortable. As well, it allows the air to pass through your body and creates a dryness that gives a feeling of comfort.

British Wool

Highlighted by its traditional structure and high quality, British wool brings comfort to your Storsjön mattress. Differs from other wools being tighter, English wool improves the quality of your bed. Wool on one surface of the mattress creates a beautiful and pleasant climate in your bed with thermal insulation. Attracts attention to its air circulating feature brought by the special structure of British wool. So your Storsjön mattress not only helps you stay cool in summer but also helps to maintain your temperature in winter.

ProFlex® Spring System

ProFlex®, a long-lasting spring technology, keeps the spine in the right position during sleep. Moreover, ProFlex® Spring System allows you to sleep more comfortably than you have ever lived in a bed before.

ProFlex®, a 5-zone spring system designed in Sweden, has 5 different comfort zones to support your head, neck, and spine. In addition, this spring system, made from Swedish steel, is known for its high strength.

There are 5 different levels of stiffness to support your different body parts. These springs are designed differently because remember, human anatomy is at the center of the ProFlex. By supporting each part of the body separately, it introduces an ergonomic mattress surface. Protecting the natural curve of your body and offering relaxed muscles, it makes you forget other traditional springs.

MaxSpinal Technology

It provides extra support and comfort in the waist and hip area with high spine support technology. The Spine Support System serves full support to your spine. And also makes possible for you to wake up fresh every morning. Allows you to have a healthy sleeping posture, where all the physiological folds of the body are fully preserved.

Less Partner Disturbance Technology

Designed for an uninterrupted and deep sleep experience, Hälsa mattresses differ from this technology. The springs packaged separately do not reflect the pressure change from one area to the other in the bed. It diminishes the problem of spouses being disturbed by each other’s unintentional rotational movements during sleep. Thus, everyone gets throughout the night with a night of uninterrupted and highly comfortable sleep. So, partners don’t face a lack of sleep.

Nature & Health

The Hälsa dream, which started in Sweden and spread worldwide, combines state-of-the-art technology with traditional craftsmanship. With its world-renowned Swedish quality and robustness, it contributes you a pleasure that will last for many years. Makes a difference with its nature-inspired design approach and production concept that uses the best materials in the world. After all, Hälsa turns the sleep experience into art.