Hälsa Småland Camel Hair, Silk, Swedish Steel, Natural Cotton Mattress
Hälsa Småland Camel Hair, Silk, Swedish Steel, Natural Cotton Mattress


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Camel Hair & Silk, Mattress, Natural Cotton, Pocket Spring, Swedish Steel

Hälsa Småland, where untimely classic tastes meet the latest technology. A bed made of natural materials that breathe to increase your sleep enjoyment. It also has woven fabric made of 100% natural cotton. Double-sided mattress: camel hairs on one side and raw silk on the other. Thus, the Småland bed surrounds you with a peaceful and comfortable sleep from all sides.

It is designed from rare natural and valuable materials to maximize your sleep quality. Småland mattress combines both state-of-the-art and fine craftsmanship. Hälsa reflects in this exclusive mattress the motto of “Nature-inspired, human-centered, where the point traditional meets technology.”

Silk Layer

Silk has maintained its value for thousands of years and provides natural comfort and unique softness. the importance of silk has never been compromised for centuries, which is also used in the production of beds. Besides its aesthetic texture, it adds a unique feel too to the Småland mattress with its functionality. It keeps you cool with its air passing. In addition, the silk filling layer in your Hälsa mattress allows it to adapt to your body movements faster.

The Hälsa Småland mattress offers you many features, increasing comfort. Thanks to the silk which can pass air, your sweating is minimized. Hence, your REM sleep quality, which refers to the process we go into a deep sleep, also increases.

Camel Hair

Hälsa Småland’s one of the main features that make the mattress different is natural camel hairs. This valuable material has heat balance ability and is provided by protecting animal rights.

It is crucial to maintain the ideal sleep environment temperature of 19-22 °C in the bedroom. Camel hairs adapt even to desert conditions, where a very high-temperature differences between day and night. Naturally, it stands out for its ability to balance the heat. It keeps your sleep environment at an ideal temperature. Camel hairs are one of the rare raw materials in nature with this feature. In consequence, it keeps your body at optimum temperature during sleep.

Pure Edge HD System

The Pure Edge System was developed by Hälsa sleep experts to increase the usage surface of the mattress, and eliminate the restriction of movement during sleep. It removes the feeling of falling when lying on the edge of the mattress. It brings a comfortable sleep experience with a more personal sleeping space.

Ultimately, with a combination of all these features comes the Småland bed, which offers a unique sleep experience.

ProFlex® Spring System

ProFlex®, a long-lasting spring technology, keeps the spine in the right position during sleep. Moreover, ProFlex® Spring System allows you to sleep more comfortably than you have ever lived in a bed before.

ProFlex®, a 5-zone spring system designed in Sweden, has 5 different comfort zones to support your head, neck, and spine. In addition, this spring system, made from Swedish steel, is known for its high strength.

There are 5 different levels of stiffness to support your different body parts. These springs are designed differently because remember, human anatomy is at the center of the ProFlex. By supporting each part of the body separately, it introduces an ergonomic mattress surface. Protecting the natural curve of your body and offering relaxed muscles, makes you forget other traditional springs.