Hälsa Småland Camel Hair, Silk, Swedish Steel, Natural Cotton Mattress
Hälsa Småland Camel Hair, Silk, Swedish Steel, Natural Cotton Mattress


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Camel Hair & Silk, Mattress, Natural Cotton, Pocket Spring, Swedish Steel

Hälsa Småland, where untimely classical tastes meet with the latest technology. A bed made of natural materials that breathe to increase your sleep quality. It also has a woven fabric made of 100% natural cotton. Double-sided mattress: camel hairs on one side and natural silk on the other. Thus, Småland mattress surrounds you with a soft and comfortable sleep in every aspect.

It is designed from rare natural and valuable materials to maximize your sleep quality. Småland mattress combines both cutting-edge technology and fine craftsmanship. Hälsa reflects in this exclusive mattress the motto of “Nature-inspired, human-centered, where the point traditional meets technology.”

Silk Layer

Silk, which has preserved its value for thousands of years and provides a natural comfort and unique softness… It never compromises on the value of silk, which is also used in mattress production. Småland adds a unique touch to the mattress with its functionality as well as its aesthetic texture. It keeps you fresh and cool with its air permeability feature. In addition, the silk filling layer in your Hälsa mattress allows the mattress to adapt to your body movements faster.

The Hälsa Småland mattress increases your comfort with many features it offers. Thanks to the air-permeable silk, Småland mattress reduces your sweating to a minimum in summer time. Thus, your REM sleep quality, which expresses the process of going into deep sleep, also increases.

Camel Hair Comfort

One of the features that makes the Hälsa Småland mattress different is the camel hair obtained from nature. This valuable material, which stands out with its heat balance, is procured by protecting animal rights.

It is important to maintain the ideal sleep temperature of 19-22 °C in the bedroom. Camel hair adapts even to desert conditions where there is a very high temperature difference between day and night. It stands out with its heat balancing feature. It brings your sleeping environment to the ideal temperature. With this feature, camel hair is one of the rare raw materials in nature. Thus, it ensures that your body stays at the optimum temperature during sleep

Pure Edge HD System

Developed by Hälsa sleep experts to increase the usable surface of the bed, The Pure Edge System eliminates the restriction of movement during sleep. It eliminates the feeling of falling while lying on the edge of the bed. It brings a comfortable sleeping experience with more personal sleeping areas.

The result is the Småland mattress, which offers a unique sleeping experience with the combination of all these features.

ProFlex® Spring System

ProFlex®, is a long-lasting spring technology produced in Sweden, allows your spine to stay in the correct position. ProFlex® Spring System reflects the quality and purity of the Swedish steel and offers a high durability.Hälsa, first bedding company using ProFlex®, continuing the Swedish durability tradition in mattresses.

ProFlex® Spring System, unlike standart spring systems, adjusts very well between different zones as a result of different technological applications of same-sized springs. ProFlex® provides an ideal sleep enviorment for everyone. ProFlex® also adjusts to your spine’s natural position with its controlled spine support.

5 Zone Spring System as a part of ProFlex® offers 5 different comfort levels to support sensitive areas in your body. Springs are suitably aligned for human anatomy separately supporting your shoulders, lower back, spine, and hip area, and offer an ergonomic bed surface. Unlike standard springs, it preserves the natural shape of your body and helps your muscles to relax while sleeping. In this way your relaxed body keeps healthy blood circulation minimizing numbness in the morning.