Hälsa Skellefte British Wool, %100 Natural Latex, Swedish Steel Ecological Mattress
Hälsa Skellefte British Wool, %100 Natural Latex, Swedish Steel Ecological Mattress


natural-latex-from-malaysia, british-wool, natural-cotton, proflex-spring-system, spine-support-system, made-in-sweden
British Wool, Mattress, Natural Cotton, Natural Latex, Pocket Spring, Swedish Steel

You will experience the infinite energy, health, and comfort of naturalness in every sleep. You will find the perfect resting environment that will improve your quality of life and sleep in ecological Skellefte beds with their unique features. Hälsa, Skellefte provides a healthy sleep experience with a latex bed.

ProEcological® Hybrid System

ProEcological® hybrid feature combines ProFlex® Spring System with 100% natural latex. That’s why Skellefte is the secret to unparalleled comfort. The rubber tree grown in the pristine forests of Malaysia combined with the latest technology made from Swedish steel. Conclusion: An authentic and natural sleep.

Natural Cotton

The quality of cotton, one of the oldest and most widely used fibers after linen and wool, is determined by the length of its fibers. The most natural and long cotton fibers are carefully selected and put together for Hälsa mattresses. 100% natural cotton fabric from cotton fibers balances your body temperature. So, the Skellefte breathes much better and remains dry. While hovering your body temperature with its natural structure, it creates a friendly environment for your skin. Since it is pleasant for your skin, offers you a peaceful sleeping environment.

British Wool

British wool adds comfort to your Skellefte mattress thanks to its classic structure and excellent value. This wool is tighter than other wools, so it increases the quality of your mattress. Wool on one side of the mattress offers a lovely and comfortable climate in your bed while also providing thermal insulation. The unique structure of British wool brings about the air-flowing feature. Subsequently, your Skellefte mattress not only keeps you cool in the summer but also keeps you warm in the winter.

100% Natural Latex Bed

Latex allows air circulation inside the bed. It balances the temperature and provides a healthy sleeping environment. Naturally breathable material prevents the formation of fungi and mold. And it prevents sweating by dissipating the heat from your sleep all over the surface. Its natural structure, which adapts very quickly to your movements and sleep position, supports your spine very well.

It reacts regardless of the pressure applied to each open channel. So the person who sleeps next to you doesn’t feel your actions. Your partner’s sleep doesn’t divide.

It is also certified as eco-INSTITUT® and Oeko-Tex® latex material that does not contain chemical or synthetic substances. These certificates given from institutes that have internationally accredited prove that your mattress is ecological and harmless.

ProFlex® Spring System

ProFlex®, a long-lasting spring technology, keeps the spine in the right position during sleep. Moreover, ProFlex® Spring System allows you to sleep more comfortably than you have ever lived in a bed before.

ProFlex®, a 5-zone spring system designed in Sweden, has 5 different comfort zones to support your head, neck, and spine. In addition, this spring system, made from Swedish steel, is known for its high strength.

There are 5 different levels of stiffness to support your different body parts. These springs are designed differently because remember, human anatomy is at the center of the ProFlex. By supporting each part of the body separately, it introduces an ergonomic mattress surface. Protecting the natural curve of your body and offering relaxed muscles, makes you forget other traditional springs.