Hälsa Skellefte British Wool, %100 Natural Latex, Swedish Steel Ecological Mattress
Hälsa Skellefte British Wool, %100 Natural Latex, Swedish Steel Ecological Mattress


natural-latex-from-malaysia, british-wool, natural-cotton, proflex-spring-system, spine-support-system, made-in-sweden
British Wool, Mattress, Natural Cotton, Natural Latex, Pocket Spring, Swedish Steel

You will experience the endless energy, health and comfort of nature in every sleep.

You will find the perfect resting environment that will increase your life and sleep quality in ecological Skellefte mattress with its unique features. Hälsa provides a healthy sleep experience with the hybrid latex mattress.

ProEcological® Hybrid System

The ProEcological® hybrid feature combines the ProFlex® Spring System with 100% natural latex. That’s why Skellef is the secret of unparalleled comfort. The nature of the rubber tree growing in the untouched forests of Malaysia and the state-of-the-art technology produced from Swedish steel, the symbol of durability in the world, combine. The result: a real and natural sleep.

Natural Cotton

Cotton is the third most used plant right after linen and wool. The quality of the cotton is determined by the length of its fibers. Hälsa chooses the longest and most natural fibers and combines them to create perfect cotton. Natural cotton can breathe better and stays dry because of this selection process. It balances out your body temperature for your body during sleep.

British Wool

British wool, the highest quality and most natural form of wool is suitable for four seasons. Wool provides insulation against heat and cold. It regulates ambient humidity. So, it helps you maintain your body temperature without sweating. It also allows you to get a sound sleep. While adapting to your body with its whole structure, it also recovers immediately with its flexibility and transforms your bed back after you get up. British wool is a durable and long-lasting natural material that protects the health of your bed and you.

100% Natural Latex Bed

Latex allows air circulation inside the mattress. It provides a healthy sleep environment by balancing the temperature. Naturally breathable material prevents fungus and mold growth. It also prevents sweating by distributing the heat generated while you sleep on its entire surface. Its natural structure, which adapts very quickly to your movements and sleeping position, supports your spine very well.
It reacts independently of the pressure exerted on each open channel. Thus, the person sleeping next to you is not disturbed by your movements. Your partner’s sleep is not interrupted.
In addition, the latex material, which does not contain chemicals or synthetic substances, has eco-INSTITUT® and Oeko-Tex® certificates. These certificates prove that your mattress is ecological and harmless with internationally accredited institutes.

ProFlex® Spring System

ProFlex®, is a long-lasting spring technology produced in Sweden, allows your spine to stay in the correct position. ProFlex® Spring System reflects the quality and purity of the Swedish steel and offers a high durability.Hälsa, first bedding company using ProFlex®, continuing the Swedish durability tradition in mattresses.
ProFlex® Spring System, unlike standart spring systems, adjusts very well between different zones as a result of different technological applications of same-sized springs. ProFlex® provides an ideal sleep enviorment for everyone. ProFlex® also adjusts to your spine’s natural position with its controlled spine support.
5 Zone Spring System as a part of ProFlex® offers 5 different comfort levels to support sensitive areas in your body. Springs are suitably aligned for human anatomy separately supporting your shoulders, lower back, spine, and hip area, and offer an ergonomic bed surface. Unlike standard springs, it preserves the natural shape of your body and helps your muscles to relax while sleeping. In this way your relaxed body keeps healthy blood circulation minimizing numbness in the morning.