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Norrström Duvet

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Norrström Duvet
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The lightness of the Norrström duvet gives you a sleep experience above the clouds. It eliminates the feeling of weight that ordinary quilts create on your body. In addition, the feather Norrström duvet makes you feel free even when you sleep. Wake up the next morning as light as a feather, taking the night’s sleep with the Hälsa goose down duvet.

Goose Down Duvet

Norrström duvets, which are produced from completely natural 30% jowl and 70% back goose feathers, do not create weight on the body during sleep thanks to their lightness. Its natural breathing structure detects heat and balances your body temperature according to the ambient temperature. It prevents sweating and cold. With its 100% cotton fabric, it allows both the quilt and your skin to breathe.

Quality Standard & Animal Rights

All Hälsa sleep products prove the fabric quality with the Oeko-Tex certificate. In addition, the goose down in its content is provided by protecting animal rights. The approvals received from EDFA and International Down & Feather Brureau institutions emphasize the fact that the Norrström quilt has.

100% Natural Cotton Fabric

Natural cotton fabric appears as the simplest and most quality expression of the traditional in sleep products. Norrström is framed with a specially finished fabric that prevents its natural inner filling from coming out. Thus, the Norrström feather duvet, which has a downproof feature, allows long-term use. Edge rovings are made more durable with special stitching. Combining a feather duvet with natural cotton fabric, the Norrström duvet supports your transition to deep sleep despite its lightness.


92 Wire 233TC
100% Cotton
Feather Proof Finished
Double Layer White Fabric

30% Tickle
70% Back

380 gr/m²