Hälsa Norrbottens Handicraft, Belgian Flax, Natural Cotton Mattress
Hälsa Norrbottens Handicraft, Belgian Flax, Natural Cotton Mattress


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Handmade, Linen Fabric, Mattress, Natural Cotton, Pocket Spring

The most luxurious form of elbow grease manifests itself in Norrbottens mattress. The natural Norrbottens, the work of traditional Swedish bed production, and the craftsmanship of the masters are designed for high-end comfort. Hälsa Norrbottens makes enjoy a privileged sleep with its particular Belgian linen fabric. It brings the wonders of nature and the meticulous handcraft of Swedish masters to the bedroom.

The breathable Belgian flax is able to adapt to hot and cold weather. Thanks to its robustness, it becomes an integral part of your bedroom for many years. In addition, the high-tech ProPocket® Spring System gives it a great springiness feel. Norrbottens natural bed takes your sleep comfort to an individual level.

Belgian Flax

For Hälsa, the most beautiful and longest fibers of the linen plant are carefully selected. Sensitive methods are applied for you and then fabricated. Thanks to its strong and bright structure your bedrooms meet elegance and spaciousness. As well, Belgian linen fabric has been preferred for hundreds of years due to its natural form and valuableness. It creates a natural coolness on your skin with its moisture-absorbing feature. It dries quickly and gives a feeling of freshness. Linen recommended for allergic bodies and sensitive skin is the best choice for those who love naturalness and purity.

Natural Cotton

Cotton is one of the oldest and most commonly used materials. The quality of cotton can be understood through the length of its fiber. Its long and natural texture makes it enables your mattress to breathe and stay dry. While balancing your body temperature, it also goes easy on your skin.

Swedish Handcraft

In Hälsa mattresses, we bring together the antecedent handcraft with the future technologies. Each of our mattresses emerges innovative technologies shaped by the dexterity of the masters. The beds shaped in the hands of Swedish masters provide the ideal conditions for human health. Hälsa Norrbottens allows you to sleep safely and healthily all night.

Nature-inspired, human-centered, and meets tradition and technology simultaneously introduces you to the Hälsa Norrbottens is ultimately limelight with its naturalness.

Less Partner Disturbance Technology

This technology minimizes the problem of spouses being disturbed by each other’s involuntary rotational movements during sleep. Thus, it serves both you and your partner an uninterrupted and highly comfortable sleep experience throughout the night. Less Partner Disturbance technology, developed exclusively by Hälsa sleep experts, regulates the pressure balance of your bed. And does not let you feel the impact of regional movements around.

ProPocket® Spring System

Especially the springs, each individually packaged and able to operate independently, provide personalized spine support. It perfectly adapts to different body types.

ProPocket® invites you to a unique world of Hälsa sleep with its excellent comfort, which is formed by a sense of springiness and flexibility. ProPocket® distributes the weight of your body equally to the bed thanks to its separate packages and creates a movement adaptable springing effect.

A high number of springs per square meter means an enhanced number of springs that contact our bodies. Hence, it provides a healthier environment for the spine, which obtains support from more points.