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The most luxurious form of craftsmanship manifests itself in this mattress. The Närke, which emerges in traditional Swedish mattress production with the skill of the masters, provides a high level of comfort and a luxurious bed experience.

Hälsa, who was inspired by nature, puts humans in the center; it reveals a unique bed from the point where traditional meets technology: Närke.

Meticulous Handcraft

Hälsa brings together the craftsmanship of the past with the technologies of the future in its mattresses. Each of our mattresses, where innovative technologies are used, is shaped by the dexterity of the masters. Handcrafted luxury mattresses made in Sweden provide a comfortable sleep experience. Hälsa beds take shape in the hands of Swedish masters. Safe and healthy sleep is waiting for you all night in Hälsa beds producing optimum conditions for human health.


Horsehair used in Hälsa beds is specially supplied from Austria. As well horsehair is one of the most valuable and rare materials known for centuries in the production of mattresses. Horsehair provides the most efficient air circulation in your mattress. Thus, it prevents moisture build-up and acts as natural ventilation.

The concept of luxury gains new meaning with this mattress. The healthy sleep everyone deserves is made reachable with the Närke bed. 100% natural horsehair creates a unique springiness in the luxurious bed. It fills all the physiological folds of the body. The Närke makes it possible for your mattress to adapt to you immediately when you move during sleep. Its naturalness makes you comfortable because of its air permeability and lack of any harmful substances.

Belgian Flax

For Hälsa, the most beautiful and longest fibers of the linen plant are carefully selected. It is fabricated by applying sensitive methods. Belgian flax adds elegance and spaciousness to your bedroom with its bright and robust structure. It has been known and preferred for thousands of years due to its luxury, naturality, and value. The moisture-absorbing feature creates a natural coolness on your skin, dries quickly, and gives a feeling of freshness. Linen is also recommended for allergic bodies and sensitive skin. It stands out as the choice of those who love naturalness and purity.

Less Partner Disturbance Technology

Sleep experts specially develop this technology for Hälsa mattresses. It minimally reflects the pressure change in one area of the mattress to other sites. Thus, it diminishes the problem of spouses being affected by other’s involuntary rotational movements during sleep. After all, Närke promises everyone uninterrupted and highly comfortable sleep throughout the night.

ProFlex® Spring System

ProFlex®, a long-lasting spring technology, keeps the spine in the right position during sleep. Moreover, ProFlex® Spring System allows you to sleep more comfortably than you have ever lived in a bed before.

ProFlex®, a 5-zone spring system designed in Sweden, has 5 different comfort zones to support your head, neck, and spine. In addition, this spring system, made from Swedish steel, is known for its high strength.

There are 5 different levels of stiffness to support your different body parts. These springs are designed differently because remember, human anatomy is at the center of the ProFlex. By supporting each part of the body separately, it introduces an ergonomic mattress surface. Protecting the natural curve of your body and offering relaxed muscles, makes you forget other traditional springs.