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Handmade, Horsetail Hair & Horsehair, Linen Fabric, Mattress, Natural Cotton, Pocket Spring, Swedish Steel

This mattress is a reflection of the experience and the knowledge of hand craftsmanship. Närke is an creation of Swedish sleep tradition and skill of the experts. Närke is offering you a high level of comfort.

Hälsa, brings a mattress that inspired by nature, centering human life and nature, unique called Närke.

Unique Handcrafting

Hälsa brings together the handcrafting skills of the past with the new technologies of the future in its mattresses. Each of our mattresses is shaped by our skilled masters with innovative technology. Handcrafted mattresses produced in Sweden offer a comfortable sleep experience. Hälsa mattresses consider human health and nature and give you a safe and healthy sleep.


Hälsa use Horsehair in its products especially supplied from Austria. Horsehair is one of the rarest and most valuable materials that has been used for hundred of years in bed-making industry. Horsehair provides an air circulation in your mattress most efficently. This prevents moisture build-up and acts as natural ventilation.
The concept of sleeping has a new meaning with this mattress. Närke brings the healthy sleep that everyone deserves. With its structure, it is helping to fill the natural shape of the body without regarding the body mass index and supports your posture while sleeping. The Närke makes it possible for your body to adapt to the mattress when you move in your sleep. Its material has no harmful substances and is breathable all night for your comfort and health.

Belgian Flax

Hälsa selecting the very best linen plant with the longest fibers for you. It becoming a fabric with many sensitive processes. Belgian Linen touches your bedroom with its robust and bright look. It has been known and preferred for thousands of years due to its luxury, naturality, and value. The moisture-absorbent feature of this fabric has a natural feeling of freshness. It stands out as the choice of those who love naturalness and purity.

Natural Cotton

Cotton is the third most used plant right after linen and wool. The quality of the cotton is determined by the length of its fibers. Hälsa chooses the longest and most natural fibers and combines them to create perfect cotton. Natural cotton can breathe better and stays dry because of this selection process. It balances out your body temperature for your body during sleep.

Less Partner Disturbance Technology

This technology is specially developed by sleep experts for Hälsa. It minimizes the reflection of the pressure on the other areas of the mattress while you sleeping. Thus it minimizing the problem of involuntary movements between partners. This technology provides comfortable and high-quality sleep for each individual.

ProFlex® Spring System

ProFlex®, is a long-lasting spring technology produced in Sweden, allows your spine to stay in the correct position. ProFlex® Spring System reflects the quality and purity of the Swedish steel and offers a high durability.Hälsa, first bedding company using ProFlex®, continuing the Swedish durability tradition in mattresses.
ProFlex® Spring System, unlike standart spring systems, adjusts very well between different zones as a result of different technological applications of same-sized springs. ProFlex® provides an ideal sleep enviorment for everyone. ProFlex® also adjusts to your spine’s natural position with its controlled spine support.
5 Zone Spring System as a part of ProFlex® offers 5 different comfort levels to support sensitive areas in your body. Springs are suitably aligned for human anatomy separately supporting your shoulders, lower back, spine, and hip area, and offer an ergonomic bed surface. Unlike standard springs, it preserves the natural shape of your body and helps your muscles to relax while sleeping. In this way your relaxed body keeps healthy blood circulation minimizing numbness in the morning.