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Ljungan Duvet

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Ljungan Duvet
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Functional Ljungan quilt for your sleeping room from the resistant and balanced structure of camel hair… The Ljungan quilt with 100% camel hair filling offers naturalness and comfort together with its satin fabric made of 100% cotton. Hälsa combines the traditional heritage of cotton with the conditioning feature of camel hair in this quilt.

Natural Air Circulation

Ljungan duvet stuffing is obtained from camels by protecting animal rights. Camels can easily survive in deserts where the temperature difference between night and day is felt the most. Camel hair, which is one of the natural materials that absorbs temperature changes best, balances your body temperature in the bed.

This special quilt both prevents you from sweating in hot months and keeps you warm in cold months. In addition, the Ljungan duvet, which minimizes the effect of the partner’s body temperature during sleep, becomes the favorite of your sleep environment with its resistant structure.

100% Natural Cotton Fabric

Ljungan breathes with its natural inner filling and natural fabric structure. Natural cotton fabric emerges as the simplest and most quality expression of the traditional in sleep products. In addition, the cotton fabric of the Ljungan duvet supports the high conditioning property of camel hair. As a result, the most functional sleep product that allows you to catch the balance while sleeping is created from the combination of two natural materials.

It is known that weaving style and yarn density are the most important features that express the quality of the fabric. The fabric of the Ljungan quilt, which is produced from the longest fibers of natural cotton, stands out with its high wire per unit. The quality and soft texture obtained with high wire count brings you the feeling of baby sleep again.

Quality Certificate

Hälsa sleep products express the high quality standards most clearly with the Oeko-Tex certificate. Hälsa products are developed by sleep experts based on Swedish design and quality. Thus, Hälsa allows you to experience the best quality sleep.
After all, the Ljungan camel hair filled cotton fabric quilt brings the most enjoyable sleep experience to your bedroom.


98 Wire
100% Cotton Satin
Double Layer White Fabric

100% Camel Hair

300 gr/m²