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Klarälven Duvet

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Klarälven Duvet
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The Hälsa Klarälven wool duvet, filled with Australian wool, gives a feeling of pure white wool softness. It stands out with the natural and durable structure of traditional wool.

Australian Wool

The only multifunctional material used in the production of sleep products: wool. Sustainable, durable, renewable, natural, biodegradable in nature… Klarälven quilt contains a unique combination of all these features. In Australia, 100% natural wool is obtained from sheep that grow with natural grass, plenty of water and sunlight, taking into account animal rights.
Australian wool is known to have very fine fibers. This allows the fibers to be twisted much more than other wools. With its fine texture, it makes you feel softness and luxury at the same time. Since wool filling is a natural material, it can adapt to any climate. In addition, Klarälven wool quilt prevents cold in winter and sweating in summer.

100% Natural Cotton

The longest and most valuable cotton fibers are carefully selected. Natural cotton fabric is obtained for Hälsa sleep products from these selected fibers. Klarälven wool quilt brings together naturalness and comfort thanks to its 100% cotton satin fabric. In addition, it always provides hygiene as it can be washed in the washing machine.
It proves that it produces organic textiles at global standards with the Oeko-Tex certificate. With its durable structure, it allows you to use it for many years without sacrificing comfort.


92 Wire
100% Cotton
Cream color double layer fabric

100% Australian Wool

300 gr/m²