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Eco-Friendly, Mattress, Natural Latex

Naturalness from nature… Hälsa knows what a good night’s sleep means to you. Karlstad will meet you with your better version who feel more relaxed and happier every morning in bed. Karlstad bed is handcrafted from 100% natural latex material.   Much healthier sleep awaits you in this special world inspired by Sweden’s relaxing and serene nature. The balance of nature also enhances your sleeping habits.

The Comfort of Springless Mattress: ProLatex®

To offer you the best mattresses in the world, Hälsa has a special rubber tree growing in Malaysia. This is where we supply our natural latex. ProLatex® provides air circulation thanks to its ecological and breathable nature. No matter how fast you move during sleep, ProLatex is always one step ahead to adapt your movements. All together creates excellent sleep comfort.

ProLatex® distributes the heat to the surface of the mattress with its breathing open channels. It means that during the sleep, you’ll not sweat as much as you used to. Each channel gives a reaction separately when you pressurize on it. By means of this, your movements don’t affect your partner who also sleeps.

100% Natural Latex

In addition, the 100% natural latex bed does not contain chemical components and can be biodegradable. Natural latex is completely hygienic and reliable. As well, it can breathe naturally thanks to the open channel structure, which is only found in itself. In this way, it prevents the formation of fungi and mold. These channels distribute the excess regional heat that occurs while sleeping all over its surface, thus preventing sweating.

Latex material without chemical or synthetic substances proves ecological and harmlessness with eco-INSTITUT and Oeko-Tex® certifications with internationally accredited institutes.

Organic Cotton

In Hälsa beds, natural materials are at the forefront in line with “respect for the environment and people”. The organic cotton and wool were used prove this with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification. In other words, Hälsa features organic materials ecologically produced suitable for European standards in its mattresses.


Hälsa uses mattress fabric, which is free of substances that will harm human health, does not contain carcinogenic and allergen metals, does not use azoic dye and does not irritate the skin. Proves itself by having an Oeko-Tex® certificate, a globally accepted testing and certification system for textile products’ raw materials in terms of compliance with ecology.

After all, the Karlstad mattress of natural latex and organic cotton shows up with all these properties

A Swedish Dream

Hälsa focuses on improving your sleep quality for the best functioning of the natural sleep cycle. We work with sleep experts to get the best performance from sleep that a quarter of our lives go through. Melatonin is triggered in the dark and released during sleep. Our body adjusts its biological clock to bring us a healthier life. Quality and regular sleep make the immune system stronger.

The Hälsa dream, which started in Sweden and spread around the world, combines state-of-the-art and centuries-old traditional craftsmanship to maximize your sleep quality. With its world-renowned Swedish quality and robustness, it gives you a pleasure that will last for many years. It makes a difference with its nature-inspired design approach and production concept that uses the best materials in the world. Hälsa transforms the sleep experience into art.