Hälsa Jämtlands Natural Cotton, Wood Pulp Yarn, ProPocket Spring System Mattress
Hälsa Jämtlands Natural Cotton, Wood Pulp Yarn, ProPocket Spring System Mattress


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Mattress, Natural Cotton, Pocket Spring

Jämtlands reflects the imagination of Camilla Zanatta, the Italian designer who guided Hälsa with her lines. Earth fabric offers you one of nature’s most beautiful presents. Jämtlands serves the best sleep experience with single and double mattress options of 10 different sizes.

A sleep experience surrounded by the beauty of nature awaits you in the quiet forests of Sweden. In the midst of silence, it allows you to enjoy peace only while listening to the sound of the wind between the leaves.

Less Partner Disturbance Technology

Designed for a sound and deep sleep experience, Hälsa mattresses differ from this technology. Less Partner Disturbance minimizes the problem of spouses being disturbed by each other’s involuntary rotational movements during sleep. Thus, it procures throughout the night with a night of uninterrupted and highly comfortable sleep. So partners don’t face sleep deprivation.

Natural Cotton

Cotton is one of the oldest and most commonly used materials. The quality of cotton can be understood through the length of its fiber. Its long and natural texture makes it enables the mattress to breathe and stay dry. While balancing your body temperature, it also goes easy on your skin.

Pure Edge HD System

Hälsa sleep experts developed the Pure Edge System to increase the mattress’s usage surface, eliminating the restriction of movement during sleep. This tech removes the feeling of falling when lying on the edge of the mattress. It brings a comfortable sleep experience with a more personal sleeping space.

Green Technology Earth Fabric

Earth fabric is produced using yarns from wood pulp. It creates a sense of luxury that pampers you with its silky touch. Mother nature bestows you with one of her most beautiful and natural gifts. Earth fabric, which is compatible with green technology and biodegradable in nature, consists of a natural source. Hence, it protects both nature and your sleep comfort.

Earth fabric is made of yarns with good moisture absorption. It makes your body breathe with its breathing tissue. Oeko-Tex certification indicates that it does not contain harmful chemicals. In this way, green emphasizes its love and health focus once again.

ProPocket® Spring System

The springs, each individually packaged and able to work independently, give personalized responses. It adapts perfectly to different body types. And ProPocket® supports the spine according to its natural curve for a night of healthy sleep.  Creates excellent comfort with a sense of springing and flexibility. Thus, it invites you into an exclusive sleep world.

In this spring system, the number of springs per square meter is high, so the number of springs that the body will come into contact with is also increasing. Your body gets a healthy sleep posture created for the spine, which supports more points. With a large and comfortable double bed experience combined with a multi-spring system, a unique sleep experience meets you.

ProPocket® distributes your body’s weight evenly thanks to separate spring packs. In this way, it creates a unique spring effect. ProPocket® Spring System, with its special springing effect, further enhances your sleep comfort. It enables you to choose your sleep pleasure with its double-sided use.

Hälsa The Swedish Dream

The Hälsa dream, which started in Sweden and spread worldwide, combines state-of-the-art and centuries-old traditional craftsmanship to maximize your sleep quality. With its world-renowned Swedish quality and robustness, it gives you a pleasure that will last for many years. Hälsa makes a difference with its nature-inspired design approach and production concept that uses the best materials in the world. Consequently, we transform the sleep experience into art for you.