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Indalsälven Duvet

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Indalsälven Duvet
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The intensive work of our sleep experts has created the Indalsälven duvet so that your life and sleep can be calm. The Indalsälven goose down duvet, produced from entirely natural 90% down and 10% goose down, does not create weight on the body during sleep thanks to its lightness. Thus, it offers the softest form of comfort.

Goose Down Duvet Lightness

Goose feathers are provided by protecting animal rights. Indalsälven duvet proves this with its approved certificates obtained from EDFA and International Down and Feather Bureau institutions. Hälsa reflects its importance to sustainability, health, and animal rights to all of its products.
Standing out with being lighter than other duvets, Indalsälven removes the burden you feel during sleep. Thanks to the lightness of the feathers, your duvet breathes naturally. As a result, it offers high-level air conditioning thanks to its natural structure that integrates with its fabric. It brings the most comfortable sleep to your bedroom.

100% Natural Cotton Satin Fabric

Natural breathing structure detects heat and balances your body temperature according to the ambient temperature. It prevents sweating and cold. 100% cotton fabric allows the duvet and your skin to breathe. The tightly woven imported fabric does not allow the hairs inside to come out. It reflects the details unique to Swedish design with the special sewing process applied to the edge rovings. At the same time, this process, which adds durability to the goose down duvet, also keeps functionality in mind.
The unique woven cotton satin fabric gains an extra soft texture with the height of the yarn per unit. In addition, it declares that it is produced by organic textile standards with its Oeko-Tex certificate.


116 Wire 295TC
100% Cotton
Featherproof finished stripes
Imported Special Fabric

90% Tickle
10% Back

200 gr/m²