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Falun Duvet

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Falun Duvet
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Combining your body with a cool feeling with its linen fabric, Falun linen duvet makes sleep comfortable experience for you.
Linen filled Falun brings technology and tradition together with its fabric produced by blending cotton and linen.

Belgian Linen Duvet

For Hälsa products, the most beautiful and longest fibers of the flax plant are selected one by one. Selected fibers are turned into fabric by applying sensitive methods. Belgian linen adds both elegance and comfort to your bedroom with its strong and shiny structure.
Belgian flax; It has been preferred for thousands of years because it is rare, natural and valuable. With its moisture absorbing feature, it creates a natural coolness on your skin, dries quickly and gives a feeling of freshness. In addition, linen is recommended for allergic bodies and sensitive skin. It stands out as the choice of those who love naturalness and purity. It breathes with its inner filling and fabric structure.

Refreshing Sleep

Falun balances your body temperature in bed with its specially woven Belgian linen fabric. Thanks to the spaces between the fibers, your body naturally breathes under the duvet. Since air circulation continues during sleep, heat accumulation does not occur. Thus, Falun linen duvets prevent sweating during sleep.
In addition, the linen and cotton blend duvet, which is suitable for use in all seasons, proves its quality with the Oeko-Tex certificate.
Sleep becomes the most comfortable experience with Hälsa sleep products.


80% Cotton
20% Linen

50% Linen
50% Nano-technology product

300 gr/m²