Calm Bed

Calm Bed
Bed, Furniture

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The production of the Hälsa furniture series is made-to-measure. For personalized production, please contact us via e-mail.

With its structure that does not contain additives harmful to human health, Hälsa furniture group products provide a safe environment for your family and especially for your children.

Base Covers

The opening covers of the storage bases are reinforced with a total of 9 profiles. There are reinforcing profiles on 4 sides and 5 on the body. All profile turns are cut welding. The thickness of the compressed chipboard used in the base and cover is 0.8 cm.

With the compressed chipboard on the upper surface, it provides uninterrupted and vibration-free support to the bed on flat and solid ground. Laminated chipboard is combined with reinforced seats made of its own material and sound-absorbing rubber stoppers on it.

Fabric Options

All base fabrics can be customized as imported Belgium Bekaert or velvet. Fabrics can be wiped with a damp cloth. It does not stain, feather and wrinkle.

Double Piece Bases

Bases are produced as double pieces after 120 x 200 cm. Double-piece plinths are tightened with two rubber screws 86 cm apart to fix them from the inside. With the compression applied to the base with the placement of the piece on the skids at the foot end, the sound and play, and separation are reduced to zero, providing a silent use.