Bäsk, Furniture

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The production of Hälsa furniture series products is made individually. For personalized production, please contact us via e-mail.

With its structure that does not contain additives harmful to human health, Hälsa furniture group products provide a safe environment for your family and especially for your children.

Bäsk set consists of 3 pieces. Base, case and 1 headboard. There are 3 different titles in the set. Gets the set name according to the selected title.

3 bed headboards are used with a common safe. In the design, the frame acts as the connecting element and carrier of the base and the head of the bed. The headboards are movable and are attached to the frame with the plate attached to the headboard as in the image below.

Case is standard. When the box is requested, a set can be made with a Calm base. There are 6 legs on the base. The foot model is standard, it does not change. In the design, the feet are positioned to carry the base in the best way without being seen.