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Ångermanland Baby Quilt

Ångermanland Baby Quilt
Baby, Baby Duvet

Your baby, as we see from our mothers and elders; embrace and grow in traditional pure natural cottons. Hälsa’s attention to sleep products is even more prominent in baby products. We know how precious your little one is to you, we produce with 100% natural cotton special for sensitive skin. Ångermanland natural cotton baby quilt will be your baby’s most natural sleeping companion.

Special for Your Baby’s Sensitive Skin

We produce the best quality quilt for your baby, without breaking the traditional structure, so that it can grow by wrapping it in cotton. The longest fiber cottons are carefully selected for the fabric and filling of the Ångermanland baby quilt. Then, the separated cotton fibers are purified one by one and turned into fabric. At the end of all these careful processes, a quilt specific to your baby’s sensitive skin and free of harmful chemicals is produced.

Natural Cotton Baby Duvet

We prioritize your baby’s health and sleep comfort. The Ångermanland duvet helps to keep body temperature balanced with its 100% natural cotton filling. The specially woven cotton fabric both breathes naturally and minimizes the accumulated regional heat with its natural structure. Thus, it offers a comfortable sleeping environment for your little one with its antiperspirant texture.

In addition, its 100% natural cotton fabric and filling achieve a unique harmony. It provides natural air circulation in your baby’s sleeping environment. It helps your skin breathe.

Long Lasting Comfort

We are aware of how important sleep is for your baby’s development as well as our health. In addition, we strive to produce the most suitable sleep products for your baby for a quality and healthy sleep. Sleep products, carefully developed by Hälsa sleep experts, provide ease of use with their long-lasting and comfortable structure. We produce the Ångermanland baby quilt extra durable so that your baby can accompany them in their sleep until they reach childhood.


98 Wire
100% Cotton Satin
Double Layer White Fabric

100% Natural Cotton

300 gr/m²