Natural Latex

Natural latex allows air circulation in the mattress thanks to its open channel structure. It provides a healthy sleep environment by balancing the temperature. Naturally breathable material prevents fungus and mold growth. In addition, it prevents sweating by distributing the heat generated while sleeping on its entire surface. Its structure, which adapts quickly to your movements and sleeping position, supports your spine in the best way. The pressure exerted on each open channel is limited only by the local response. Thus, the person sleeping next to you is not disturbed by your movements. Your partner’s sleep is not interrupted. In addition, the latex material, which does not contain chemicals or synthetic substances, has Eco-INSTITUT® and Oeko-Tex® certificates. These certificates prove that your mattress is ecological and harmless with internationally accredited institutes.

Rubberwood from Malaysia

Natural latex’s source is a rubberwood specially grown for Hälsa in Malaysia. ProLatex® considers your comfort at any time and supports air circulation in the bed with its ecological structure. Since it breathes naturally, provides air conditioning thanks to its heat balancing. Its flexible system adapts very quickly to your movements and changing position during sleep. And maximizes your sleep comfort.

Open-channel Structure

Its open-channel breathing structure prevents you from sweating by distributing the heat generated while you sleep all over its surface. It behaves independently to the pressure applied to each channel. So, the person who sleeps next to you doesn’t feel your actions. Your partner’s sleep doesn’t divide.

In addition, the 100% natural latex bed does not contain chemical components and can be biodegradable. Natural latex is completely hygienic and reliable. As well, it can breathe naturally thanks to the open channel structure, which is only found in itself. In this way, it prevents the formation of fungi and mold. These channels distribute the excess regional heat that occurs while sleeping all over its surface, thus preventing sweating.

Certificated Raw Materials

Latex material without chemical or synthetic substances proves ecological and harmlessness with eco-INSTITUT and Oeko-Tex® certifications with internationally accredited institutes.