Natural Cotton

Hälsa sleep products are made of carefully selected cotton fibers. It comes to the fore with the fact that it allows the body to breathe, consists of herbal sources, and is hygienic. In addition, it does not allow the formation of any harmful structure in its pure cotton structure. In particular, it prevents the formation of mites that feed on skin rashes. It is among the most hygienic solutions for your sleeping environment. With its lightness, it provides perfect comfort in all four seasons.

Plant Characteristics

Cotton Plant (Gossypium hirsutism) is an important plant species from the mallow family (Malvaceae), whose homeland is India. It is one of the main raw materials in the textile industry. Despite the continuous increase in the production of synthetic fiber, cotton maintains its place and importance among the raw materials used in the world textile industry.

60% of the weaving raw material currently used is provided from cotton.

Cotton by Fiber

Cotton fiber is of great importance as it is used as a raw material in the textile industry. Although its share in total fiber production is due to the increase in synthetic and regenerated fiber production, it is an indispensable natural fiber plant since artificial fiber cannot be obtained with cotton fiber properties.

  1. Short Fiber: Since these cotton are short and thick, they are used for making coarse products. It covers 5-10% of the world’s total cotton production.
  2. Medium Fiber: It covers 80-85% of world production.
  3. Long Fiber: Production amounts in the world are approximately 1.8 million tons. However, it is not used much in our country.
  4. Very Long Fiber: used in the manufacture of fine products in the textile industry. However, special climatic conditions are needed for its cultivation.