Rare and Natural Raw Materials

Rare and natural materials are the core elements of Hälsa mattresses such as camel hair and silk. Explore Swedish sleep art.

Camel Hair

This valuable material, which stands out with its heat balance, is procured by protecting animal rights.

It is important to maintain the ideal sleep temperature of 19-22 °C in the bedroom. Camel’s hair adapts even to desert conditions where there is a very high-temperature difference between day and night. It stands out with its heat balancing feature. It brings your sleeping environment to the ideal temperature. With this feature, camel hair is one of the rare raw materials in nature. Thus, it ensures that your body stays at the optimum temperature during sleep.


Silk has preserved its value for thousands of years and provides natural comfort and unique softness… It never compromises the value of silk, which is also used in mattress production. Natural silk adds a unique atmosphere to the mattress with its functionality as well as its aesthetic texture. It keeps you cool with its air permeability feature. In addition, the silk filling in your Hälsa mattress allows the mattress to adapt to your body movements faster.

Our world is full of natural materials and one of them is precious silk. Silk has always been a significant element in the production of mattresses for ages. The aesthetic texture and functionality of the mattress make Småland unique. Silk core gives space to the mattress to adapt your movement immediately.