British Wool

Produced with 100% British wool, which stands out with its traditional structure and superior quality, Hälsa sleep products offer a sleep environment at the optimum temperature for your body, thanks to its natural structure.

The dense weaving of the imported fabric, which is 100% cotton, never allows the wool inside to come out.

It makes a difference with its tighter structure compared to ordinary wool. Wool, which is one of the materials that provide the best thermal insulation, helps you to protect the heat.

Traditional Structure

Highlighted by its traditional structure and high quality, it brings comfort to your mattress, duvet, and pillow. Differs from other wool being tighter, it improves the quality of your mattress. Wool on one surface of the mattress creates a beautiful and pleasant climate in your bed with thermal insulation. Attracts attention to its air circulating feature brought by the special structure of British wool. So, your sleep environment not only stays cool in summer but also is able to maintain your ideal temperature in winter.