Hälsa Mattress & Beds

Hälsa is inspired by nature with an understanding that continues the Swedish tradition to design its mattress. It gives you a peaceful sleep at night by transporting the tranquil nature in Sweden, its deep lakes, and the wind in its large forests to your home.

Health, which takes nature and part of nature to the center, creates patterns that take into account human nature and the need for a comfortable bed and sleeping experience. You can sleep peacefully with Hälsa mattresses, made with breathtaking natural materials that support your body as if you were in nature’s arms.

Traditional Hand Workmanship & Technology

Our secret is that we combine handicrafts with technology.

You can see the combination of craftsmanship of the past with the technologies of the future in Hälsa mattresses. Each of our mattresses is also shaped by the sleight of masters with the help of innovative technologies.

At Hälsa, when you check on the products closely, you can see the signature of skillful hands in every step of bed production. From the placement of the bed frame to the fabric basting. You will feel very special in our mattresses because they are produced one by one with the skill that no machine can match just for you!

So it can be said the unique Hälsa hand workmanship transforms mattress production into a sleep art. We provide you with a unique sleep experience in safe and attentive hands.