Hälsa Furniture Group

The leading role in reflecting your special atmosphere for living spaces falls on decoration. When it comes to decoration, the furniture comes to the fore as the most important element. Furniture, which is one of the main elements that determine the character of the place, is offered to users with various style and form options. In terms of design, it is possible to talk about different titles such as modern, neoclassical, industrial and classical furnitures.

Bäsk Set

It is the base & headboard set launched by Hälsa for the Bäsk 2022 Winter Collection. 3 heads are included in the same base and frameset.


There is a sofa series under Hälsa’s sub-brand Svärm. These include an L sofa, a pull-out sofa bed, a two-person sofa, a three-person sofa, and a lounge chair.