Hälsa Duvets

Hälsa is inspired by nature with an understanding that continues the Swedish tradition. It gives you a peaceful sleep at night by transporting the tranquil nature in Sweden, its deep lakes, and the wind in its large forests to your home. Health, which takes nature and part of nature to the center, creates patterns that take into account human nature and the need for a comfortable bed and sleeping experience.

You can sleep peacefully with the Hälsa Duvets, which are made with breathtaking natural materials that support your body as if you were in nature’s arms.

Sustainable Materials

Hälsa cares about all the details in sleep products. Sustainable materials, production at high-quality standards, material combinations that can coincide with personal sleep experiences and enable the healthiest sleep possible…

Cotton Duvet

The Ångermanland cotton duvet consists of carefully selected cotton fibers. It consists of entirely natural cotton inner filling and fabric. In this way, its naturally breathable structure offers comfort during sleep. While you sleep, cotton fabric and natural cotton inner filling circulate the air constantly.

In addition, it does not allow the formation of any harmful structure in the pure cotton structure. In particular, it prevents the formation of mites that feed on skin rashes. It is among the most hygienic solutions for your sleeping environment. With its lightness, it provides perfect comfort in all four seasons.

Goose Down Duvets

Down feather duvets, produced from entirely natural goose feathers, do not create weight on the body during sleep thanks to their lightness. Their natural breathing structure detects heat and balances your body temperature according to the ambient temperature. They prevent sweating and cold. With their 100% cotton fabric, they allow both the duvet and your skin to breathe.