Duvet Cover Set

Hälsa products use only natural materials in line with “respect for the environment and people”. In addition, the cotton duvet cover set, which is made of all-natural cotton, introduces you to a healthy sleep experience. Naturally breathing fabrics both protect your body temperature during sleep and prevent sweating.

Borås Jacquard Satin Collection

In addition, Borås combines both surfaces with an ‘H’ monogram pattern without sacrificing any surface in the jacquard duvet cover. The naturalness of cotton and the appearance of satin fabric combines functionality and aesthetics.

Flen Cotton Comfort Collection

The sheets of the Hälsa Flen set are produced by considering the beds above the standard thickness. In this way, the Flen sheet fully covers your mattress, no matter how thick it is. The fitted sheet helps keep your duvet cover straight for longer. After all, your cotton sheet doesn’t move apart from your mattress.