ProEcological® Hybrid System

It combines 100% natural latex with the ProFlex® Spring System, the ProEcological® hybrid function is the secret to unmatched comfort. The nature of the rubber tree grown in the untouched forests of Malaysia and the latest technology made of Swedish steel in the world. Result: real natural sleep.

100% Natural Latex Mattress

It allows air circulation in 100% natural latex mattresses, balances the temperature, and provides a healthy sleeping environment. Naturally, breathable material prevents the formation of fungi and mold, distributes the heat that occurs while you sleep, and prevents sweating. Its natural structure, which adapts very quickly to your movements and sleep position, supports your spine very well.

Since the person reacts independently of the pressure applied to each open channel, the person who sleeps with you is not disturbed by your movements and the person’s sleep is not interrupted.