70×140 cm Baby Mattress

The 70×140 cm baby mattress will help your little one get a night of healthy sleep. Every parent wants their baby to be comfortable and safe while they sleep. Especially the length of sleep time of newborn babies underlines the importance of choosing the right bed.

Baby Sleep

Growth hormone, which is necessary for your baby’s growth and development, is secreted during sleep. At first, your baby will spend most of the day sleeping. He will only sleep and feed, without the concept of day and night.

Considering the great impact of sleep on your baby’s development and health, you should carefully choose the environment and furniture to sleep in. With the right baby bed, you prefer, you can positively affect his sleep duration and quality.

Healthy Baby Development in Sleep

Babies who need deep and adequate sleep for healthy physical and mental development should sleep in a specially designed bed. Sleep quality and sleep environment are of great importance for the development of babies who spend most of the day asleep.