100×200 cm Single Mattress

Feel the natural comfort in your sleep with the 100×200 cm single mattress. Hälsa is aware that health comes from quality sleep. You can find the best bed model from various bed models you need for a comfortable sleep. Single bed models that you can choose according to your needs are at Hälsa.

Bed Types

You can also choose from alternatives such as spring mattresses and latex mattresses and choose a mattress according to your comfort.

Hälsa mattresses, which increase sleep quality, highlight the concept of long-lasting mattresses. Hälsa mattresses, which support all points of the body, minimize your complaints about sleep.

Natural Cotton

Hälsa sleep products are made of carefully selected cotton fibers. It stands out because it allows the body to breathe, consists of herbal sources, and is hygienic.

In addition, it does not allow the formation of any harmful structure in the pure cotton structure. In particular, it prevents the formation of mites that feed on skin rashes. It is among the most hygienic solutions for your sleeping environment. With its lightness, it provides perfect comfort in all four seasons.