195×215 cm Double Duvet
Experience the most comfortable sleep with the 195×215 cm double duvet. Hälsa cares about all details in sleep products. Sustainable materials, production at high-quality standards, material combinations that can coincide with personal sleep experiences and enable the healthiest sleep possible…
Cotton Fabric Quilts
Cotton consists of carefully selected cotton fibers. It consists of completely natural cotton inner filling and fabric. In this way, its naturally breathable structure offers comfort during sleep. While you sleep, cotton fabric and natural cotton inner filling circulate the air constantly.

The yarn per unit describes the softness of the fabrics. With its high thread count, Hälsa duvets refresh your skin while you sleep. In addition, traditional cotton fabrics are sewn in double layers. Thus, the durability of the Hälsa cotton quilt is doubled.

All of the Hälsa sleep products, which keep the Swedish design concept and philosophy alive, are produced in Oeko-Tex certification standards. With this certificate stating that it does not contain any harmful chemical in its content, Hälsa once again emphasizes the importance it attaches to the environment and health.